Latest work

Poverty Scorecard

The Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law sought to build a comprehensive online scorecard rating all 535 Members of Congress on their anti-poverty voting records. User research revealed a wide variety of potential applications for the data, and I designed the site to allow users to view the scorecard in as many ways as possible -- by state, by legislator, by bill, etc. The site is built on a Django/MySQL backend. Visit site

Lincoln at 200

In honor of Abraham Lincoln's 200 birthday, The Newberry Library, in conjunction with the Chicago History Museum, developed two online exhibits on his life. Using the rich library of historical pictures, paintings, maps and engravings featured in the exhibit, I designed the site to evoke Lincoln's era. The site is build using the open-source Omeka system, a CMS especially design for museum exhibits. Visit site

Noonan & Lieberman, Ltd.

The real estate law firm of Noonan & Lieberman, Ltd. sought to restructure and redesign their website. I utilized Chicago architectural imagery to design a site that would highlight the firm's position in the Chicago real estate market. The site is managed through the Expression Engine content management system, allowing the client to update content and send out monthly newsletters simply and quickly. Visit site

bioStrategies Group

The bioStrategies Group, which develops marketing strategies for biopharmaceutical companies, came to me with a desire to modernize the look of their website and add more relevant content. I designed and coded the new site, and integrated it with the Expression Engine content management system to allow for easy updating. Visit site

Chicago Sportscast Network

The Chicago Sportscast Network runs sports-themed podcasts and blogs in sports markets across the country and sought a way to apply a consistent look to their growing network, while retaining each market's individuality. I designed a template based on the metaphor of a sports jersey to allow branding by team color. My work included the design and the front-end code. Visit site


Hubwear t-shirts are a hip, fun way to highlight your favorite travel route, and its founders wanted a fresh website that would support the growth of their product line. I developed the site using a custom-built Javascript shopping cart. Since launching in mid-2007, Hubwear 2.0 has attracted the attention of many media outlets and, more importantly, has supported a persistent stream of t-shirt purchases. Visit site

Syd Lieberman Storytelling Website and Podcast

Eight months after Syd launched his redesigned website, I helped him to take the bold step of releasing all his recorded stories -- fourteen albums worth -- through a free podcast. We worked together to develop the project strategy, create the podcast, record the album introductions, and edit the broadcasts. The podcast has been a success, earning Syd much attention for being one of the first nationally-known storytellers to release his work for free. Visit site

University of Chicago Humanities

The University of Chicago's Division of Humanities sought two templates to use for the departments within their division. I designed and developed a homepage and interior page for each template.

Notable projects

The Wandering Weiszes

For a 18-day road trip my wife and I took in the summer of 2008, I developed a site that hosted our daily dispatches, our twitterstream, and photos. I used Textpattern to knit all the pieces together, allowing us to enjoy the scenery while the site automatically pulled in content from various sources. Visit site

American BioOptics

American BioOptics is developing techology that they expect will greatly improve the rates of survival from colon cancer. They asked me to design an online presence in conjunction with their new branding from Upside Design. My work included the site's visual design, code and integration with Wordpress as a content management solution. Visit site

University of Illinois at Chicago Medical School

Lipman Hearne subcontracted me to develop a design concept for the UIC Medical Schools. This design was chosen and is now being developed into several iterative designs, to be used across the entire school's web presence.

America's Dog

I designed and produced a new site for the America's Dog chain of hot dog and sandwich stores. The site built on the brand's aesthetic and the restaurant's interior design, and offered a clean layout for users who chose to print the webpage out. Visit site

LegendAir Event Services

This travel management company wanted a simple, professional site to promote its services. My design, based on their existing printed material, contained all the images and copy on one page, which the user is able to navigate using the static links on the left-hand side.

Real Life Weddings

Steven Gross runs a popular wedding photography business in Chicago. I consulted with him and his design team to develop a site with a concentration on usability, clean design, and clean code. Visit site

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Chicago Initiative

The Chicago Initiative is the University of Chicago's $2 billion development campaign. They needed a site to explain the mission of their campaign, invite new donors, and feature profiles of the benefactors. I was the primary graphic, information and technical designer. Visit site

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Sandy and Sarah

When we started to plan our wedding, my wife and I realized a website would be the best method to dispense all the necessary information for our guests. I designed the site and installed a content management system that both of us used to change the copy. Visit site

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Making of a Family

My wife and I have been blogging since before we were married, starting with a site that detailed our experiences moving in together. In June we welcomed our first child, and the site evolved yet again, to incorporate photos, video, and our son's twitterstream. I designed the site and installed a content management system to control it. Visit site

Other design work